About Us

The Freedom Toaster was originally conceived and developed by the Shuttleworth Foundation in an initiative to deliver open source software to the masses. While much of this software is available on the Internet, in South Africa restrictive bandwidth and the “pay-per-megabyte” structure of telecommunications makes it impossible for many people to obtain software without paying for it.

Making open source software available free of charge on the Freedom Toaster is part of a greater effort to bridge the digital divide, empower people, and facilitate education in an environment where technology is continuously becoming more important to the economic success of people worldwide. Freedom Toaster is a non-profit organization and available to all.


To provide anyone who wishes to build their own Freedom Toaster with the tools and support to do so.


To continue to innovate and create new technology in which open source software can be delivered through Freedom Toasters around the world.

The Team

The team behind the Freedom Toaster mandated by the Shuttleworth Foundation to take the project into a commercially viable business is led by Brett Simpson, wing man Salah Elbaba and solutions support Bianca Voss.

Contact Information

Tel: 021 910 4347

Address: 100, Edward Street, Manhattan Plaza, 6th Floor, Tygervalley


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